Founded in 2019, EMRIS International is a dynamic new global company positioned for explosive growth. Due to our commitment to bringing the highest quality products to market and a business model that will take social commerce to new heights, we will be revolutionizing the industry and changing thousands of lives along the way. We are committed to strict testing, superior results, innovation, and excellence in all that we do.

This family-focused, purpose driven, fun loving, hardworking team has created a home for those who want to build a legacy, not just a paycheck. EMRIS is more than a company.

It's a movement.

Here at EMRIS we will never stop reminding you that you can have it all.

We believe in helping people exercise their freedom to build their undying legacy so that what they do today can be appreciated for generations to come. You see we're no different from you. We know all too well what it feels like to want to have more income, impact, and the influence to make the world a better place.

After years of developing successful individual businesses, we decided to come together and create this family-owned company that would go beyond borders and help others discover new possibilities for themselves and their communities.That is why we are proud to have you as part of the EMRIS family.

You arenotalone. Whether you're a retail customer, a VIP customer, or a Brand Ambassador • You are now part of a global family that cares about your success.

We just ask that you show up. Show up for yourself, your dreams, your family, and even the people who need you that you haven't met yet. You owe it to yourself to go for it all.

We believe in helping people exercise their freedom to build their undying legacy so that what they do today can be appreciated for generations to come. You see we're no different from you. We know all too well what it feels like to want to have more income, impact, and the influence to make the world a better place.

Welcome to EMRIS.

Aspen Emry

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Aspen Emry received a Bachelor of Science degree in Secondary Education and Spanish from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Her graduate studies in Curriculum and Instruction continued at Doane University, also in Lincoln, Nebraska. Her love for language and hunger to experience new cultures led her to a life changing six month study abroad program in Monterrey, Mexico.

Striving to chase the dreams that God placed on her heart for her rapidly growing family, she dove into the network marketing space 14 years ago. With no experience but remarkable commitment and focus, Aspen built massive teams and celebrated record breaking numbers of leaders reaching six figure earnings, top levels of recognition, and earning international incentive trips. This success was due primarily to her expertise in duplication, heart for serving others, insight into maximizing compensation plans, and her systems for developing leaders.

Her reputation for success and wealth of experience in training, speaking, growing large organizations, and overall expertise in the industry, brought her to the Field Development Team of a multi-million dollar global company. In her time there, she was able to develop leaders, mentor growing teams, train at hundreds of events,and collaborate on training systems, initiatives and strategies for growth.

In her role as Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of EMRIS International, Aspen is responsible for creating a strong company culture, setting strategy and vision, modeling values, building a top performing senior management team, and supporting the company's Brand Ambassadors as they they shake up the world with this incredible EMRIS Movement.

Ilean Harris

Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer (CSO)

Ilean Harris completed her undergraduate studies at Andrews University where she received 2 bachelors degrees; a Bachelor of Science in Psychology with an Emphasis on Health and a Bachelor or Arts in Spanish Studies.

She went on to earn an MBA from Southern Adventist University with an emphasis in Marketing in 2013.

Ilean has developed systems and strategies for some of the most sought after business leaders in the world today and as a result of her award winning work was selected to the prestigious Forbes Coaches Council in 2017.

Ilean has graced the stage the world over with some of the world's brightest thought leaders and business leaders. Her strategies and business development frameworks have formed the foundation for numerous multi-million dollar global businesses.

Ilean brings her world-renowned business mind, stellar track record, and wealth of experience to EMRIS as Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer where she oversees business and strategy development.

Ilean loves to travel and is fluent in English and Spanish.

Matthew Harris

Co-Founder & Chief Visionary Officer (CVO)

Matthew A. Harris received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications with an International Emphasis from Andrews University. Upon completing his undergraduate studies Matthew moved to Atlanta where he established one of the premier lifestyle management companies at the time in the Southeast, serving a clientele base of several hundred professional athletes and high net worth celebrities.

Having been first introduced to the direct sales industry and treating the space as a hobby as a teenager, Matthew found himself taking the profession very seriously when the recessionary challenges of 2008 caused dramatic slowdowns in his business and he was forced to find alternative business opportunities.

Thanks to God's grace, determination, and his signature Dream Then Find A Way attitude, Matthew worked his way to the very top 1% of distributors in the world, leading massive global sales teams that generated in excess of $30 million in sales in his 7+ years in the field.

A dual citizen of South Africa and the United States, Matthew is a proven international business expert with a knack for languages and developing and maintaining dynamic relationships around the globe. Matthew brings his proven track record to EMRIS.

In his role as Co-Founder and Chief Visionary Officer of EMRIS International, Matthew is responsible for global sales and builds and maintains supportive and professional relationships with the company's diverse Brand Ambassador base as it continues to expand internationally.

Molly Paez

Brand Manager

Vicky Lozano

Client Care Manager

Malerie McNair

Executive Assistant